Your Gifts go Directly to Children

The WCO is a volunteer organization. Every dollar you donate goes directly to programs that bring music to Wickenburg.

We have no overhead expenses. Members of the board donate generously of their time and money to provide educational programs for area children.

We feel that our efforts are changing the community for the better by ensuring that there will be a new generation of concert-goers andpatrons of the arts in this area.

Two generations of parents who were left out of the "cultural loop" are now taking an intense interest in their children's arts education. Your donations help this to happen. By donating to the WCO you are ensuring that anew generation grows up knowing about Mozart and Beethoven, flutes, violas and French horns.

These things are part of our culture and we must pass them on to all children.

Support the WCO every time you shop online! Click on the icon and join for free. When you shop online at over 500 stores, part of your sale will go to support the WCO.

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