KAET Channel 8 Comes to the Schoolhouse

KAET Channel 8 spent the day filming in the Little Red Schoolhouse. The producers interviewed many old students who attended school at the Garcia Little Red Schoolhouse as well as members of the WCO.

“We’re going to be doing a feature story on the Garcia Schoolhouse and how the WCO is now residing here,” said KAET’s producer Merry Lucero. “We will end up with a segment of about six minutes, and I hope to get at least a snippet of everyone I interviewed into the segment.”

After completing their interviews, Lucero and her cameraman, Scot Olson, spent the remainder of the day filming everything else that needed to be documented at the schoolhouse.

The segment, which will be aired on PBS’s “Horizon” will most likely be broadcast early this year. Lucero also said it was possible that the segment would one day be used for special programming on KAET.


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