Former WCO Scholarship Winner Auditioning in NY!

Jennifer Anaya, formerly of Aguila, wrote to tell us that she is now living in New York City and auditioning for parts on Broadway. She and her husband, Adam Clark, are both pursuing their careers and living out their dreams in New York. Jennifer commented on the impact her scholarships from the WCO are having on her life. I want to thank you for the enormous part you have played in getting me to this point. The scholarships to music camp and ASU are what made me the performer I am and there are simply no words to express how thankful I am. In a time when the performing arts are being touted as a luxury and a waste of time, you are truly defending their honor.

Our best wishes to Jennifer on her journey and career!

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Anderson III
Mrs. Elladean Bittner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brumder
Mrs. Harry Combs
Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeVore
Mr. Arthur Ditto and Gail MacCallum
Mr. and Mrs. Harrington Drake
Ms. Sophie Echeverria
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haight IV
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kauders
A. Campbell Perks Estate
Mrs. James Quayle
Mr. and Mrs. Edson Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Badowski
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Keim
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Stirling
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Deibel
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Las Damas
Mrs. Barbara Lounsbery
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nasser
Ms. Patricia Ryland
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Wilson


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